Broomfield SILC

Active Broomfield - sport in the community

In addition to taking part in sports and physical activity on site, Broomfield pupils also take part in sport in community settings. As well as enhancing and developing a range of physical skills, the use of community facilities helps to develop community participation skills, travel skills, and independence skills, as well as being great fun!


Tennis helps to develop concentration and physical co-ordination skills. Working together in competition allows pupils to both challenge themselves and support each other.


Cycling allows an extra degree of freedom of movement for some pupils. Specially adapted bikes provide opportunities for everybody. Pupils can cycle by themselves or develop synchronisation skills by teaming up with a friend.



Cricket can develop a range of personal and team skills, as well as enabling pupils from Broomfield and Rodillian to come together.



Parachute games extend the opportunity for physical activity to even more pupils.