Broomfield SILC

Active Broomfield - in the playground

Sport, exercise and activity is an integral part of school life at Broomfield SILC, and pupils of all ages and abilities are encouraged to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

To support this ethos, a range of activities are promoted during both lesson time and play time. 

The Broomfield playground has gym stations that pupils are encouraged to use.


There is also more traditional playground equipment that can be used on a more leisurely basis.


At the top of the hill, an adventure play fort provides hours of fun for pupils. Imaginative use of the fort develops group and role playing skills.


An obstacle course helps to develop balance, stability, co-ordination and strength, leading to increased physical confidence.


A range of gym equipment is available for use in the playground. As well as developing physical skills, other skills such as co-ordination, sharing, and group and team work also come into play.


Rocky Whitehead from ACE (Active Clubs Experience), which is part of the Health for All project, visits Broomfield on a weekly basis to play games and develop skills in the playground.

The top court can be used for equipment based exercising, again using a range of sports equipment.


It can also be used for more traditional team based sports like football and cricket.


A soft surface track provides an ideal opportunity for cycling.


There's always someone around to assist if needed.