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PE is core to the Broomfield SILC curriculum.

Please click on the school website links either below or to the left of this page to find out more about the wide range of PE activities and sports that Broomfield pupils engage in.

Dance Club

Active Broomfield - in the playground

Active Broomfield - on residential

Active Broomfield - competitive sport

Active Broomfield - sport in the community

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Leeds South and Central School Sport Partnership work to ensure an improved PE & Sport experience for everybody. The partnership believes that sport and all it encompasses truly can change the lives of young people and contribute towards raising aspirations, improving academic attainment and preparing young people to move forward in their lives. Building on the success of London 2012 the partnership aims to inspire a generation of young people to become engaged in sport and lead healthy active lifestyles.

The Change4Life School Zone helps to teach children to eat healthily and move more with practical resources and ideas.

Designed to Move is a call-to-action supported by a community of public, private, and civil sector organizations dedicated to ending the growing epidemic of physical inactivity.