Broomfield SILC

Assessment and Progress

Assessment across Broomfield

 Every pupil’s progress in Broomfield is measured and recorded on their own learning journey and through their EHCPs.  The learning journeys vary slightly according to which curriculum they access but do work on the same principal of increasing points with increasing progress.  (See the Assessment Road Map)

Pupils are assessed against each learning journey outcome as to whether they are emerging, developing or secure or generalised for some books.  Through moderation with other SILCs and special schools using the same learning journeys we have been able to set numerical progress indicators to be able to compare progress.  This progress is split into segments which shows the rate of progress for an individual learner.  The EHCP outcomes are assessed differently.  (Please see EHCP assessments reference sheet). Any pupils highlighted as not on track may then be targeted for additional support.

Every pupil has a file on Evidence for Learning where evidence of progress is logged on their learning journey. Evidence of progress is moderated at least once per half term then cross moderated by the assessment leaders of the other SILC across Leeds 3 times a year. A moderation schedule for the year is shared with all staff at the beginning of the year. Evidence on Evidence for learning may be a video, a photo or a photo of a piece of work.

Assessment at Broomfield - Full Description

Learning Journey Road Map