Broomfield SILC

Behaviour & Expectations


Code of Conduct

All pupils on the main Broomfield site are encouraged to:

  • Take care of themselves, their friends and their school.
  • Behave sensibly in the classroom, the dining hall and all other parts of the school, including the playground, and whilst travelling to and from school.
  • Listen to adults and each other.
  • Be polite.

 Pupils attending partnership primary or secondary schools must abide by the host school’s code of conduct.


Behaviour management

At Broomfield South SILC we aim to promote an ethos of respect, understanding and support amongst our pupils and staff. We expect good behaviour and try to help pupils feel good about themselves. To help us do this we need to foster a consistent approach from all staff, identifying clearly what our expectations are, and how we should respond when behaviour falls below our expectations.

We use an online, confidential database and analysis tool called Sleuth to record both positive and negative behaviours, and our responses to these behaviours. Over time this allows us to build an accurate picture of patterns of behaviour, identify likely causes of negative behaviour so we can try to minimise these, and look at our responses to behaviour to make sure we are consistently promoting the positives, whilst reducing negative behaviours. In this way Sleuth allows us to plot improvements in pupils’ behaviour, and, where necessary, to identify the most appropriate interventions and support to help a pupil improve.

Our full behaviour policy can be found below:

Please see further policies available at