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Future Steps (Careers)

‘Learning to live, learning to earn’

At Broomfield we understand the importance of teaching about careers, however we do not just see it as preparing young people for employment but developing independence and preparing for adulthood, because of this careers is known as ‘Future Steps’.

All students at Broomfield are learning to live, through engaging activities such as: tasting new foods, visiting new places, learning about personal hygiene to developing communication, problem solving and using technology effectively. These activities are just some examples of how students are developing vital skills to live as independently as possible and preparing them for their future steps.

Students in the Semi-Formal and Formal curriculum are also learning to earn which allows them to have the skills to find and sustain employment. Students do this through visiting local businesses and colleges, participating in mock interviews, completing CVs and application forms to understanding money, being able to read and write independently and learning to communicate confidently with a range of people.

All students in Year 9, Year 11 and Post 16 will discuss their future steps with our career's adviser, Richa Aryan. This meeting involves parents, carers and students to discuss the next steps for their child. Our career adviser has lots of knowledge about the near-by provisions which will best suit the young person’s next step in their career. If you have any queries about your child’s future steps do not hesitate to contact Richa Aryan to make an appointment on 0113 277 1603 or E mail 

As well as this, preparing for adulthood is a golden thread running through school.  Everything we do is to help all our young people to be as successful and independent as possible in their Future Steps.

If you would like to find out more about Future Steps, please see our Future Steps Implementation Plan.      
 Future Steps Implementation Plan  

Future Steps - Intent Implementation Impact 

Careers Policy 2023

 Future Steps Careers Programme

At Broomfield we have created a Future Steps programme for each curriculum which ensures that every student (from Key Stage 3) can develop life skills, independence, social skills and explores a range of experiences which enables them to be as independent as possible in their Future Steps. 

Post 16 Formal

Semi Formal Post 16

Informal Post 16

Informal KS3 and KS4

Semi Formal KS3 and KS4

Formal Key Stage 4

Formal Key Stage 3


KS4 data and 16-18 performance measures

Broomfield South SILC have 100% of pupils staying in education or going into employment after KS4


Pupil Destination Data

Post 16 Destinations

Gatsby Benchmark Statutory Information


Broomfield SILC College links

Students can leave school at the end of Year 11 but many of our pupils choose to remain at school into our 6th form provision many until they are 19, but some until they are 17 or 18. This allows students to continue to learn with more of an emphasis on development life skills.

Many of our students attend link courses from school. Most students can go to college for up to three years. 



Leisure and Benefits

Many of our students have plenty do in their spare time through their families, youth clubs, sports etc. However, it may be useful to be aware of some other places.

Leeds Mencap (

People in Action (

People Matters Leeds (

They offer a range of activities for different age groups – from on-site youth clubs to social groups in the community. There is also to City Council Youth Service which operate a number of youth groups.

Many of you will be aware of Disability Living Allowance (now called Personal Independence Payments). However, you should also be aware of Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) which, if someone qualifies, can be paid from 16 years even if they are still in SEN education. Some people can get ESA for life while others will get it until they begin to work. It can be paid over and above DLA / PIP but can affect other benefits such as tax credits. Sometimes it is best to begin claiming from 19 years. Go to for more details or ask at local One Stop Centre.

Contact  if you want more information or have any queries.