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Here at Broomfield SILC we incorporate Makaton and the PECs (Picture Exchange Communication System) into lessons and other school activities. These methods of communication are mostly used by students in our ASC department but is also used by others in school to help them communicate with staff and their peers.




The main objective in using Makaton is to encourage the understanding speech and whereever possible to develop expressigve speech.

Makaton is used each and everyday in our school. It is something that everyone is taught including pupils, staff, mealtime supervisors, office staff, management, bus drivers/escorts and parents too.

Makaton uses signs and symbols which provide a visual representation of language which increases understanding and makes expressive communication for our students, They are a fantactic resource for teachers and support staff to use for outings, choices and of course communication in any lesson in the national curriculum.

Talking does not just involve speaking, watch someone talking they will not just be saying words but will also be using hand gestures, facial expressions, eye contact and body language. This is all in communication

Every week we have a new sign of the week that the whole school learns and then demonstrates on the Friday assembly. To see the signs we have learnt this year click here.

For more information on Makaton within our school you can contact our Makaton tutor Clair Thorpe by e-mail

This weeks sign of the week is - Here


Click here to see earlier signs of the week 

Here is our Makaton noticeboard you will see when visiting our school hall

Here is a video demonstrating what song the students are learning in Makaton right now.