Broomfield SILC

Computing Curriculum


Computing replaces Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with a greater focus on programming rather than an operating programs. The computing skill is an essential skills that children must develop in order to access the modern world.  Technology surrounds us and is developing at an ever-increasing pace. In order to equip our children for this, we strive to develop their critical thinking skills and encourage an exposure to a range of technology so that they may adapt to new technologies as they arise.

                                Writng a CV on Microsoft Word                                 Writing a CV on Microsoft Word

 The Computing Curriculum 2014 aims to ensure that all pupils can understand and apply the most important principles and concepts of computer science, including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation. This curriculum gives children the necessary skills to break down a problem, make predictions as to what will happen and use logic to find a solution through practical experiences. The Computing Curriculum at Broomfield South SILC is dedicated to helping pupils achieve the skills they may need in the future. Computing is taught explicitly and discretely through the curriculum and also is taught during drop down weeks each half term in conjunction with lessons on E-safety.


The children attending Broomfield South SILC are encouraged to communicate ideas and information in a variety of forms, where appropriate, using equipment and computer software to enhance their learning.                                  Researching Using the Internet                                Researching using the internet

Broomfield South SILC provides pupils with access to a range of educational software and internet based resources. . 


At Broomfield South SILC we are dedicated to helping each child acquire the above-mentioned skills. The following strands are taught in all the year groups:


                                                                   * Computer Science;

                                                                   * Creative Use of ICT;

                                                                   * Digital Literacy.


To help ensure pupils have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills, experiences and competencies with Computing the curriculum has been broken down into key areas, with the core principles permeating through each area.

Using technology- mouse skills, typing.

Using the internet - Researching, finding information etc.

Communicating and Collaborating On-line - E-mails, Collaborative working, Video Conferencing etc.

Creating and Publishing - Anything that involves presenting information in some way using ICT (word processing, presentations, blogging, websites etc.)

Digital Media - Photo editing and image manipulation, video and video editing, audio recording and editing and animation (some animation can also be programming)

Programming and Control- making something ‘happen’ using ICT (control, movement etc.)

Using Data- Spreadsheets (including using formulas), Databases and any other work which involves either sorting, presenting or manipulating data of some sort.

                               Programming                           Block Programming

The coverage of each area will vary according to ability.   The emphasis on Programming increases as pupils move through Broomfield SILC.  



Check out the interactive games below and test your coding ability




As well as teaching the children a range of computing skills at Broomfield South SILC we aim to help them become good digital citizens and understand how to keep themselves and others safe online. 

 E-saftey is taught through cross-curricular opportunities and also through E-safety weeks each term to ensure pupils are kept up to date with current risks present on the internet.

Please find the E-safety information for parents and carers here, this webpage provides additional support in addition to the materials sent out to parents and students during the year and offers top tips for online safety at home.

A good website that we would direct pupils to is which is packed with interesting and age appropriate resources on how to remain safe online.