Broomfield SILC

Design and Technology

At Broomfield, Design Technology is taught in a cross curricular approach throughout the academic year. The D&T curriculum is delivered across all key stages and gives students the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of design and practical skills in making functional products. 

There are three core activities students engage with in Design and Technology: 

· Focused practical tasks in which students develop knowledge and skills. 

· Activities which involve investigating and evaluating existing products. 

· Designing and making activities in which students design and make 'something' for 'somebody' for 'some purpose'.

Set two in secondary have been using their making skills in maths to produce a device for measuring distances. The parts had to be cut out accurately and joined securely with a hot melt glue gun. When completed the device was used to measure distance that are greater than a 2m tape measure. Did you know that the corridor in the new build is 36m long? Pictures can be seen in the 'measuring' gallery below.