Broomfield SILC


At Broomfield South SILC, pupils have the opportunity to enrich their educational, cultural and social experiences by learning a foreign language through direct teaching as well as within other curriculum areas. Learning a foreign language and exploring other countries raises awareness of the mulit-cultural and multi-lingual world we live in. 

Pupils in KS2 and KS3 show enjoyment in learning Spanish, which is the focus language at Broomfield. We have a native Spanish teacher who delivers Spanish lessons to 3 different classes every term. 

We organize whole school events focusing on a different country every term. Pupils explore the cultural characteristics of the focus country through a range of art, musical, culinary and other relevant experiences around the country studied. When we have the opportunity, we even invite native people to speak and engage in cultural activities with our pupils, which makes the experience a lot more fun! Here are some of the countries we have explored recently: