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Music - Intent Implementation Impact

Music Progression Document

Music is a universal language and one of the most accessible forms of creativity. We provide a curriculum that is engaging and inspiring to pupils at every level, providing opportunities to develop skills and talent throughout their school career.

We are supported in our delivery of music through Leeds Music Education Partnership, and students in primary and secondary education are able to access learning through an external music professional within their class. We also offer choir singing sessions throughout the TLGs and instrument tuition within secondary and Post 16 departments.

We use music to promote confidence, self-esteem, positive mental health and wellbeing through the sense of achievement that can be attained through musical participation, as well as the therapeutic benefits of listening to and enjoying music. Pupils develop skills in communication, creativity, self-expression and social interaction through shared musical experiences. Music will also provide a wealth of opportunities to explore different cultures, tolerance of the opinions of others, the importance of turn taking and respecting difference.