Broomfield SILC


Here at Broomfield SILC we believe that music as a great way for our students to learn new skills, learn social skills and build confidence, it is also a brilliant way to express yourself.

All students have timetabled Music lessons and are supported by specialist teachers from Art Forms. Students are encouraged to sing as part of a group and to learn to play an instrument. We have 2 choirs and a Broomfield Band who regular perform in front of familiar and unfamiliar audiences, a dance group who performed in London.


Here at Broomfield we are learning how to play Music by matching colours to the keyboard! It is such a fun way to learn how to play a musical instrument and this also help us to improve our cognitive skills and concentration. Look what we can do! 



YAMSEN Specially Music gamelan workshops

During the year, all students have opportunities to take part in YAMSEN Specially Music gamelan workshops, which is a set of metal-o-phones and gongs comes from Java.

Students experience and create music in an ensemble situation, listening and feeling the vibration of the gamelan instruments.

Students learn to play in time with the pulse whilst the leader plays the drum. They play pentatonic melodies and learn to play a short piece and remembering its structure.