Broomfield SILC

Dance Club

One of the most popular clubs at Broomfield School is the Dance Club.

Dance Club started following a request at School Council to have some additional lunchtime activities.

Pupils from across the school meet on a weekly basis to select songs and devise dance routines.

These routines are then performed in school and also across Leeds and beyond.


Pupils really enjoy Dance Club. 'It's really good fun, I really enjoy it', says one enthusiastic dancer.

Dance Club recently performed at a National Centre for Diversity conference in London. You can read more about the trip, see some photos and a brand new video by visiting the Broomfield Dance Club - London Performance news page

Click on the video below to see the 2015 Valentine's Day performance of 'Thinking Out Loud' by Ed Sheeran.

Dance Club Ed Sheeran from Broomfield South SILC on Vimeo.