Broomfield SILC

Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh is a nationally recognised award where learners have to complete activities and challenges in four sections, developing skills which underpin the whole Post 16 curriculum. Our learners complete their physical and skill sections of this award at West Leeds Activity Centre, with activities set up each week to fulfil the components needed. All learners, on each pathway in Post 16, get chance to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award. They will start on Bronze in Year 12 and then look to complete Silver or Gold by the time they reach Year 14. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is such an amazing opportunity for the learners in Post 16 as they get to have fun whilst building skills, choosing something to work on for their physical section and then do some volunteering work, all of which takes place at West Leeds Activity Centre. All students will get chance to volunteer at West Leeds as part of their weekly programme from September 2022, as we feel that this will give them an amazing opportunity to put their work skills to practice.