Broomfield SILC

Formal Teaching and Learning Group

The Formal Pathway offers a broad and balanced curriculum that provides opportunities to experience a wide range of subject specific knowledge, alongside developing the skills needed to grow into young adults.  Through an exciting theme-based approach, our students are exposed to subjects that are embedded in real life contexts to allow them to see meaning in their study, whilst also aspiring to gain accreditation in recognised subjects which allows them to progress to the next stage in their learning journey.

The Formal Cohort

Classes in the Formal Teaching and Learning Group are based over 3 sites and are named after famous people:


Windmill Primary School - Primary Partnership (0.5 miles from Broomfield SILC main site) 

The Rodillian Academy - Secondary Partnership - (3 miles from Broomfield SILC main site) 

KS1 follow a 2 year theme cycle

KS2 follow a 4 year theme cycle

KS3/4 follow a 5 year theme cycle

This ensures that there is curriculum coverage without unnecessary repetition of themes.

Rodillian KS4 class uses ASDAN Short Courses options in the afternoons.

Schemes of work

Schemes of work are written for the different subjects which are then adapted for individual pupils.

EHCP outcomes

The EHCP Outcomes are built into the teaching and learning that takes place in class and through the wider curriculum.


Timetables meet the needs of the class and individual learners.

Main site example timetable

Windmill site example timetable

Rodillian site example timetable - see Rodillian page