Broomfield SILC



 At Broomfield South SILC we aim to transform the lives for the better for all of our students and  are trying to develop our potential and provision to build on a longer term vision of providing bespoke resources for special needs throughout our community. To do this, we do rely on donations and fundraising efforts. The local authority give money for the education and day to day care of puipils.  However the budget we are given at Broomfield South SILC is necessarily spent on the basics. Most of the budget is spent on staffing, as staff are the best possible resource for our Pupils. Fundraising does not 'fill in' for the budget but  will fund  projects that cannot be funded through the school budget and ensure the time our pupils spend with us is effective and enjoyable.  These include extra-curricular activities that enable our pupils to access residential visits, day trips and other beneficial 'out of the classroom' learning experiences.


In addition to fundraising for Broomfield South SILC we are also committed to fundraising for a range of local and national charities.