Broomfield SILC


Our Home lessons aim to equip learners with the knowledge and practical skills they need to aspire to living independently; allow them to take responsibility for jobs/tasks within the home they live in, or expose them to tasks and jobs they will encounter as they become adults. Home lessons aim to build independence through the use of staged task boxes to put their home living skills into practice. Each pathway within Post 16 have a home focus in some parts of their timetable.

For Informal Learners, key skills are explored and practiced such as hand washing, washing up, setting the table. Lessons are differentiated to allow all pupils to access the experience of washing up and key skills are repeated in order to provide greater opportunity for success. Informal pupils are encouraged to apply their learning about hand washing and hygiene during personal care.

Semi-formal learners will follow key areas of the home curriculum and we try to prepare the learners for their adult life, being able to help at home by setting the table, sorting the washing, cleaning the home etc.

The Formal pathway learners will take some of this learning even further to try and prepare them for living independently, being able to budget and pay bills, fill in forms, make phone calls to utility companies and much more. We put these skills into practice in practical settings as much as possible around the classroom and school, to give the learners as much opportunity to contextualise their learning as we possibly can.