Broomfield SILC

Informal Teaching and Learning Group

The Informal Pathway adopts a fully personalised curriculum which is wholly driven by EHCP outcomes and individual learner needs. Learning is facilitated through play, exploration and multi-sensory experiences where adults adopt a responsive, reactive and engaging Intensive Interaction style approach.

Through providing enabling environments and progressive experiences, curiosity, intent and independence is cultivated and developed as learners grow.

Learners will thrive through our Informal curriculum. Themes provide the stimulus to ensure all learning fully encompasses purposeful communication and key skills for life. Every learning opportunity is optimised holistically rather than in compartmentalised subject areas as we recognise our learners are at the early stages development. Learning opportunities and experiences are revisited, enhanced and broadened through an evolving and progressive spiral model of learning, ensuring all pupils are fully prepared for the next stage.

Cohort Information 2021-2022 

Theme Cycle

The Informal Teaching and learning group follow a six year theme cycle.

Theme Overviews

Themes are broken down further but are used as a hook to deliver personalised learning through EHCP outcomes.

Autumn 1 2021 - Night and Day

Autumn 2 2021 - Colours

Spring 1 2022 - Farm

Spring 2 2022 - Brilliant Buildings

Summer 1 2022 - Pirates

Summer 2 2022 - Holidays

POPs (Personalised Outcome Plans)

EHCP outcomes are broken down into small steps.  The curriculum ensures that these personalised outcomes are the foundation for learning in the informal classes. 

POP sheet example


Timetables meet the needs of individual classes and pupils.

Example Timetable