Broomfield SILC

Informal Teaching and Learning Group

The Informal Pathway adopts a fully personalised curriculum which is wholly driven by EHCP outcomes and individual learner needs. The curriculum focuses on the development of early communication, social, emotional and cognitive skills that are a pre-condition to learning. Our Informal learners first need to develop positive relationships with familiar adults and develop behaviours through which they can communicate, in order to explore the world around them using their sensory and physical capabilities to the full. We aim to prepare children for learning and give them opportunities to develop their levels of engagement. Our pupils are provided with opportunities to access rich learning experiences, including play, following a non-subject specific approach.  Our pupils are at the heart of our curriculum and with our personalised approach to teaching and learning we aim to build life long learners that are happy, healthy and feel safe and secure in our stimulating school environment.

Theme Cycle

The Informal Teaching and learning group follow a six year theme cycle.

Theme Overviews

Themes are broken down further but are used as a hook to deliver personalised learning through EHCP outcomes.

Autumn 1 2023 - Superheroes

Autumn 2 - 2023 - Commotion in the Ocean

Previous themes:


Autumn 1 2022 - Monsters and Aliens

Autumn 2 2022 - Ice Burgs Ahead

Spring 1 2023 - We're Going on a Bear Hunt 

Spring 2 2023 - Circus 

Summer 1 2023 - Ready Steady Sow

Summer 2 2023 - Jungle 


Autumn 1 2021 - Night and Day

Autumn 2 2021 - Colours

Spring 1 2022 - Farm

Spring 2 2022 - Brilliant Buildings

Summer 1 2022 - Pirates

Summer 2 2022 - Holidays


Timetables meet the needs of individual classes and pupils.

Example Timetable