Broomfield SILC

Post 16 Department

Our Post 16 department at Broomfield comprises students from each of the pathways here at Broomfield. Informal, Semi-Formal and Formal learners, come together to consolidate their learning and prepare them for their next steps upon leaving Broomfield. We believe that independence and life skills are amongst the most valuable lessons we can develop in the young people in Post 16, so that they can be as safe as possible in their next phase of life. We are aspirational in everything we do ensuring that our young people are never limited in what they can achieve.

To support this vision we foster a strong, shared sense of belonging in Post 16 by working together and linking our shared experiences across the department. Within the Post 16 TLG there are classes comprised of informal, semi formal and formal. We follow a functional curriculum across each of these pathways with an embedded focus on building independence and developing life skills. We endeavor to ensure that children feel valued, stay safe and are given as many opportunities as we can.  

In order to facilitate this and reduce the barriers our young people face we provide opportunities for our young people to access the community and become an active part of society. This takes on a personalised approach and may look differently for each student. Some examples of this are; being responsible for a class job, a job at home, travelling independently or accessing the shops amongst many more. Real-life situations and scenarios are carried out through our life skills curriculum. These transferrable skills give our young people the confidence to continue their journey after Broomfield, be better prepared for life, for being responsible for something in their own home, independent living or contributing to society with things like jobs or volunteer work. Alongside this, the curriculum also includes an academic element for those where it is relevant, particularly in relation to English, Maths and ICT.  

Take a look at our subject pages for more information about the Post 16 curriculum.

Timetable Example - Post 16 Formal

Timetable Example - Post 16 Informal/Semi-Formal