Broomfield SILC

Post 16 Department

Within the Post 16 Department, we follow a functional curriculum in each pathway. A functional curriculum for learners with SEND is focused on the development of knowledge in relation to real-life situations and scenarios. This still includes an academic element for those where it is relevant, particularly in relation to English and maths. In contrast to a ‘traditional’ curriculum, with a functional curriculum for SEND learners, subjects are taught specifically through the lens of a practical life skills, for us the focus is ‘home’, ‘self’ and ‘travel’.

The idea of developing functional skills is to help learners to practice actions and interactions that are a part of daily life. With practice, they will become more confident with these tasks, meaning that they will be better prepared for life, for being responsible for something in their own home, independent living or contributing to society with things like jobs or volunteer work.