Broomfield SILC

Religious Education & Equality

The caring and loving principles of different faiths are followed in all our interactions with  pupils and they, in turn, are encouraged to demonstrate an awareness of right and wrong, respect for others, and tolerance of different creeds and cultural codes.

In accordance with statutory guidance, Religious Education forms part of the curriculum for all our pupils.

Whole school and departmental assemblies are held on a regular basis when a wide range of religious, cultural and social issues are addressed.

Religious and cultural festivals are celebrated across the SILC. Parents are invited to attend these.

Parents may withdraw their child from any part or all of R.E. and/or collective worship.

The SILC is committed to striving for equality of opportunity for all and emphasises the common values and elements of our multi-cultural environment. Discrimination of any nature will not be tolerated, and will be dealt with according to our Single Equality policy.