Broomfield SILC



Students in our partnership provision at Rodillian Academy may be taught with their cohort by specialist teachers trained to support pupils with a wide range of Special Education Needs or they may be taught in mainstream lessons by specialist subject teachers. They have the assistance of Learning Support Assistants, trained in understanding the individual needs of students, to help them overcome barriers to their learning and access their full curricular entitlement.

Rodillian Academy is a welcoming, harmonious and inclusive community where students feel safe and discriminatory attitudes are challenged. The focus is on sound, stimulating and appropriate learning so that all students achieve their true potential. 

Personalised educational programmes are designed for each student taking into account their wide diversity of ability and needs. All teaching is differentiated: based on an assessment of what the child already knows, understands and can do; by using a range of teaching styles that match the needs of individuals or groups so that all children are engaged in learning; by ensuring access to resources including extra adult support, grouping for ability, age and personal need (including behaviour), in order to overcome the potential barriers to learning. 

Access to a full range of support specialist services are available to all children to ensure they receive their full entitlement to a broad and balanced education. This includes speech and language; physiotherapy; occupational therapy; medical support; sensory impairment teams: and careers.

 They may access a range of nationally recognised accreditation including: A levels; GCSE’s; Entry level awards; ASDAN Bronze, Silver and Gold awards; ASDAN PSD; ASDAN short courses; and OCR ‘Skills for life and living’.  Accreditation reflects each student’s abilities, interests and the skills they are developing in preparation for their life after school.

There is also an emphasis on developing social skills and independence and students are encouraged to access all the amenities and opportunities the Academy has to offer.