Broomfield SILC


Construction at Leeds City College of Building

Leeds City College of Building provide a multi profession introductory course for our students, where they gain experience and skills in joinery, painting and decorating and building. The students have a practical and hands on morning where they put into practice the skills they are being taught, and apply their knowledge more formally to gain a Level 1 City and Guilds Construction qualification.

World of Work Programme at Lighthouse Futures Trust College

The World of Work programme at Lighthouse Futures Trust exposes our students to a ‘working environment’ in the PAES lab, where they are known as employees and teachers are supervisors. They have to complete jobs independently without the assistance of their supervisor, and within a time limit to simulate the working environment and get them ready for an entry level job expectation.


Enterprise sessions give students an opportunity to experience meaningful work experiences through product design, marketing and selling products within the school community. Students are able to put money, communication and teamwork skills into practice in realistic and meaningful activities, reviewing and reflecting on their success through monitoring the levels of profit achieved with each project. The Enterprise group also collaborate with other SILC schools to sell products in Kirkgate market at a pop-up shop around Christmas, giving students real world experience of retail and customer service.

Health and Social Care/Hair and Beauty

Broomfield’s Health and Social Care course providers our learners with a combined approach of teaching theory and practical content.

Our students learn about the development of babies, children, teenagers, adult hood and 65+. We explore social care, types of support and effective communication when working in the social care sector. Pupils have the opportunity to engage with a range of resources, enabling them to make links with the real world.

Within hair and beauty, pupils will learn a variety of techniques from hair care, nail care and makeup. We offer an enriching and excited environment where pupils can reach their full potential. Pupils will develop their communication and interaction skills and put this into practice when completing practical assignments.