Broomfield SILC

Mainstream Inclusion


For the more able child with ASC  the Partnership with Windmill Primary School has enabled us to offer a much broader curriculum. Many of our pupils to access the curriculum alongside their mainstream peers. The teaching staff liaise closely with the Primary School staff to ensure a seamless provision for those pupils. There is a mechanism for joint assessment, planning, recording and reporting for those pupils included at Windmill

Provision is flexible and access to inclusion is tailored to meet the needs of the individual child. We work on the premise that the development of fundamental social and communication skills are a prerequisite to inclusion. When our pupils are ready and able to meaningful be included, they are gradually phased into lessons with their appropriate peer group.

We have provided an ongoing programme of training and support for both staff and pupils at Windmill. This is evidenced by the remarkable empathy and understanding of both staff and pupils at Windmill school and it has enabled the successful inclusion of a number of pupils with ASC.  

All pupils will have a supported phased transition into an appropriate class group. They are all supported  by a specialist LSA. We now have one pupil working independently in a mainstream class. Currently 50% of our pupils are included in mainstream classes. Inclusion is enabled and supported in many ways:

  • Visual timetables / Daily Mission / Written schedules
  • Use of time out cards
  • Ear defenders
  • Social Stories
  • Work contracts and star charts
  • Intensive Interaction
  • Recognition that our pupils do not have to look and listen at the same time
  • Access to sensory activities
  • Positioning near a door to enable easy exit
  • Circle of friends

We are however sensitive to the child’s requests. Some of our more able pupils do not want to be seen as different and object to visual support. Whilst some of our pupils have a circle of friends that operates at lunchtime, some individuals choose instead to have time out during playtime and lunchtime. Provision is very much personalised and designed to meet individual needs.