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Work Experience

Here at Broomfield South SILC it is our aim to facilitate work experience opportunities for our Post 16 pupils.  These work experience placements are varied in destination and can be either internally or externally based depending on the needs and abilities of each individual. 


Through the placements pupils will:

  • Learn how work is different to school
  • Gain insight into a range of different roles
  • Work with a range of different people
  • Develop communication skills
  • Learn new skills
  • Develop knowledge of health and safety


On this page you will find examples of the work experience booklets the pupils complete during placements, example reports for employers, placements and some of our successes.



Placements are booked by designated staff at Broomfield South SILC using the 'Xperience database'.  This year pupils have access to a student database that they can use to research possible placements with their parents/carers. The view pupils will see when they log on is this:

        Initial log on screen                               Search screen                             Example job result

Initial Log on Screen       Search screen       Example Job

Below are a selection of the placements that our pupils have carried out in the 2016-17 academic year.



Placement Name

Tasks Undertaken


Store/Retail Assistant

Will observe and assist with store duties, replenishing stock, goods in, pricing goods, merchandising, customer service and general house keeping.


Trainee Equestrian Assistant

Will shadow and assist with mucking out of the stables, making feeds, grooming of the horses, leading in lessons, yard work, sweeping, tidying up and house keeping tasks.


Retail Assistant

Will shadow and assist staff with daily duites, practices and procedures involved with the retail of Motorcycles and parts. Work in workshop dismantle bikes and shadow technicians.


     Retail Assistant

Pupils will assist with the packing of orders from companies such as Haribo.

Photos of pupils on Work Experience

         Work Experience   Work Experience

         Work Experience   Work Experience

                       Work Experience     Work Experience





Pupil Voice

Below are some pupils talking about their work experience placements, what they did and whether or not they enjoyed the placement.


 Key Documents

Click on the images to see the 'Work Experience Booklet' and the 'Employer Assessment' to see the full document.

 Work Experience BookletEmployer Assessment


Supported Internships

At Broomfield South SILC we participate in the Supported Internships employment programme that started in Leeds in 2015. Supported Internships are aimed at school and college pupils that have an Educational Health and Care Plan.

Broomfield South SILC we have chosen to participate in Supported Internships to give our students opportunities to access the work experiences and to allow them the opportunity for future employment.

Supported Internships can range in length from one to five days a week on an employer placement. Typically, a students would start at one day week and build up from there – more likely to two or three days a week. When not on placement students will be following the curriculum.  While most of our Post-16 students already go on work experience, Supported Internships are one step beyond this and would form part of their whole year educational programme. Another key difference from work experience is that the possibility of the placement becoming a job is clearly discussed at the beginning with the employer. Even where a job does not happen, there are obvious benefits to the student with regard to their future career options.

Supported Internship placements are not restricted and aim to combine the skills and interests of the student with employment placements available.

Below is a list of placements that have been, or continue to be undertaken by students attending Broomfield South SILC.

B & M

Beeston Hill St Luke’s

Leeds City College

Startright Motorcycles

Leeds City Council

John Charles Centre for Sport




Funding for Supported Internships comes from the city council and school was originally supported by an employment agency. We have now got two trained Job Coaches in school to support with the Supported Internships.

Our Job Coaches, Jane Sayers and Ollie Forrow, will work with the pastoral teachers in Post 16 to identify students who supported internships are suitable for and will then work with the young person, their families and potential employees to identify, with other agencies, appropriate placements.

When a suitable supported internship has been identified for a student, Job Coaches spend time supporting employer, students and their families with any concerns that may arise.